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Accident Lawyer in Anaconda

When our law firm was founded, we made it our goal to ensure that Everett Law, PLLC would be a name people could trust. For Over 40 years, we have been helping individuals throughout the Anaconda area recover from unfortunate accident. We know you need a way to pay off medical, auto, or other bills brought on by your accident, and our accident legal team will work tirelessly to ensure you receive it.

At Everett Law, PLLC, we represent accident victims in Anaconda and other locations. We make it our priority to provide clients with information and friendliness throughout the accident claims process.

If you have been injured in a serious accident and live near the Anaconda area, we are available to help represent your case. If someone has been irresponsible or negligent towards you, contact Everett Law, PLLC. With Over 40 years in handling accident cases, we know what it takes to help win your case.

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We want to help you in your Anaconda area accident case. Incidents related to accident matters can be traumatic and life changing. Do not let insurance companies take advantage of your distressed state, and call us at (406) 563-5005 today.

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