How High-Speed Winds Impact Truck Accidents 

High-speed winds can impact the movement of any vehicle, especially trucks that are taller and may have more mass to them. While this does not excuse the accident’s occurrence, nor does it preclude compensation for losses, it can impact the outcome of cases. Working with an experienced Butte truck accident attorney from Everett Cook Law is the most important strategy to minimize these risks.

What Do High Winds Do to Trucks?

High-speed winds can be just as dangerous to trucks as slippery road conditions or fog. They change the way a truck driver must operate a vehicle to keep it moving properly and to protect others. That is due to the size of the trailer and the shift in the higher center of gravity that can occur.

When a truck is struck with high-speed windows, it is more likely to wobble and topple over, and may lose balance fully. This makes steering the truck harder to do and, in some cases, it can lead to a loss of control. The sheer force of a burst of wind against the side of a large 18-wheeler can cause the truck to move off the road, push it over a bridge, or even cause it to sway badly making it impossible to steer.

What Happens to the Truck Driver When High-Speed Winds Occur?

When high-speed winds impact the vehicle, the truck driver has several responsibilities. The first is to avoid driving in situations that are too dangerous. This may mean pulling to the side of the road. When that does not happen, the truck driver needs to be able to handle the truck’s changing movement. There are numerous truck hazards that the driver must be able to accommodate, including:

  • Loss of control over the vehicle as it sways
  • Being pushed to the side of the road or into oncoming traffic
  • Rolling over
  • Loss of load
  • Jackknifing

A skilled truck driver knows how to handle difficult conditions, including high winds. That includes knowing when it is too dangerous to operate. Hazardous weather conditions can mean that commercial truck drivers must use extensive caution to protect themselves and other drivers on the roadways. This may include slowing down and driving more strategically to minimize the risk of high winds toppling the vehicle.

What Happens When a Truck Driver Fails to Control the Vehicle?

When a truck driver cannot control a vehicle due to high-speed winds, they may cause an accident with other parties. In these situations, they may be liable for the losses that occurred, even if it was a weather-related incident. Because this can be a complicated area of the law, it is best to work with a truck accident attorney if you are the victim in a case like this.

Keep in mind that high-speed winds impact trucks in various ways based on their size and type. In all situations, a driver is tasked with ensuring they remain safe on the road or should not operate the vehicle.

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