How Safety Gear Can Reduce Motorcycle Injuries 

An accident on a motorcycle is likely to cause significant injuries to you no matter if you are wearing protective gear or not. Without a doubt, though, there are ways that this gear may offer some protection for you. Here is what you need to know about how safety gear can reduce motorcycle injuries realistically. A Butte motorcycle accident lawyer at Everett Cook Law can help you recover compensation.

Safety Gear Is Important

Motorcycle gear is valuable and can reduce the risk of the worst possible damage to you in many situations. The type of benefit comes from where it is worn. Consider these examples:

  • Helmets: A helmet works to protect your head and may lessen the blow if you strike the pavement or something flies at you. It may help prevent broken bones, brain damage, and lacerations.
  • Gloves and boots: These types of equipment can also help to reduce injury to the areas they protect, which are some of the most common areas in which significant injury can occur. In an accident, you’re likely to try to shield your face from the accident, which means gloves can help reduce damage to your skin. Boots can offer protection from deep cuts to your feet.
  • Pants and jackets: Protective gear on the rest of your body can help to minimize some level of risk. However, this depends on the type of material worn. Typically, the use of gore-tex or high-quality leather may help minimize road rash and lacerations on your skin.

Motorcycle Safety Equipment Is Not a Fail Safe

Though insurance companies like to claim that if you were wearing protective safety gear, your injuries would be lesser, there are limitations to this. The fact is, if you are hit by a fast-moving truck, there is not much that a helmet and goggles can do to protect your body from being crushed.

Even in less severe motorcycle accidents, you may be unable to stop broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, and damage to your spinal column caused by the impact with a vehicle. The pants and jacket you wear may help with minimizing the road rash you would have had, but it does not stop a sharp object from cutting into your skin if it is traveling at enough speed.

Motorcycle accident injuries that are severe are likely to remain severe even if you have the right gear in place. If you are being told by an insurance company that your lack of protective safety gear means you do not qualify for compensation after a motorcycle accident or the amount you are being paid is far less as a result, turn to an attorney.

Safety gear can reduce motorcycle injuries to many people, and that is a very good reason to use it. However, even in these situations, you may find it very difficult to have enough protection when another at-fault driver strikes you, causing you serious broken bones, head injuries, and deep lacerations. In these situations, arm yourself with a motorcycle accident attorney who can guide you in filing a claim, no matter if you were wearing gear or not.

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