How Weather Affects Motorcycle Crashes

Motorcycle accidents are dangerous and often result in serious losses in most situations. However, there are many examples of injuries and even fatalities that occur as a result of adverse conditions. How weather affects motorcycle crashes depends on the situation and circumstances. However, there are numerous examples of what could happen.

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The Risks to Motorcycle Riders Are Always High

The National Safety Council notes that, in 2021, 5,932 fatalities occurred in the U.S. in the form of motorcycle accidents. Additionally, 83,000 total motorcycle accident injuries were reported. So, considering this, how did the weather affect those crashes?

The same report shows that, in 2021, 82.62% of motorcycle accidents occurred on days that were clear and cloudy without rain. About 1.72% of accidents – a very small percentage, occurred while there was rain, and an even smaller percentage – 0.57% occurred on rainy occasions.

What Does That Mean for Those Hurt In Adverse Conditions?

There is no doubt that if you take your motorcycle out when it is raining, snowing, or foggy outdoors, the chances of being in an accident are higher simply because road conditions may be poor. The same applies to cars and trucks.

More so, when visuals are complicated, the risk of another driver striking you also increases. That means that you could be more likely to be hit by another car that does not recognize you are present due to the weather conditions.

You Still Have a Case

Even though weather events may be poor, this is no excuse for why someone else caused the damage to you. If someone else was reckless, did not stop, could not see, or was distracted in any way, and that led to your accident, they are still responsible for the losses they have caused to you. It does not matter that the weather was bad – if you can prove they were negligent, then they should pay for the losses that impact you.

What Could This Do To Your Claim?

There are situations in which the other driver may claim that they could not see or that you were not doing enough to stay out of their way during dangerous conditions. There are some situations where you could be responsible to some degree, such as if you lost control of your bike, and that led to the injury. However, if they hit you, chances are good they owe you.

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