Recognizing the Signs of a Spinal Injury

A spinal injury can occur at any location along the spinal cord, which runs through the vertebrae along the middle of your back. In serious accidents, paralysis or a lack of movement and intense pain are likely. Other times, it can be hard to recognize what is occurring when a spinal injury damages smaller nerves or creates inflammation. A Butte brain and spinal cord injury lawyer at Everett Cook Law can help.

The Most Common Signs of a Spinal Injury

Anyone suffering a back, shoulder, neck, hip, or leg injury should pay close attention to the way they feel over time since some spinal injuries can take some time to develop. Common signs of an injury to the spine include:

  • Loss of movement
  • Loss of change in the way you can feel in your extremities
  • Changes in sensations in your hands, arms, legs, or other areas
  • Pain that seems to be intense and may feel like a stinging sensation
  • Changes in bladder or bowel control
  • Difficulty with breathing or clearing your throat
  • Weakness in any limb
  • Exaggerated reflex movements or spasms of the muscles
  • Changes in sexual function

There are some symptoms that warrant immediate medical attention, including:

  • Sudden changes in the ability to feel
  • Extreme back pain or weakness
  • Pressure at the head, back, or neck
  • Difficulty breathing after an accident
  • Numbness and tingling in the hands, fingers and toes
  • Inability to balance or walk

Any time you are in an accident, you should visit the emergency room for a full workup. Even if this is a minor incident, there could be changes to the alignment of your spinal column, which could lead to the onset of complicated health problems and loss of movement.

What to Do When Spinal Injuries Develop Over Time

When a spinal injury is not obvious right away, inflammation in the area can increase over a period of time, causing significantly worsening outcomes. This may include intense pain or a mild, shooting pain. Some people may feel the development of back pain that they cannot otherwise explain. If you notice that your sensations are changing your hands or legs, that could indicate a worsening condition as well.

Inflammation does not always mean you will lose full function in that area. It does mean that your body is fighting to heal and needs support. Get to the emergency room right away.

What Are the Most Common Causes of Spinal Cord Injuries?

The most common reasons people suffer spinal cord injuries include:

  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Sports injuries
  • Falls from heights
  • Acts of violence
  • Disease onset

In each one of these situations, the sooner treatment is received, the better. Yet, even if you feel as though you are okay, getting a checkup after an accident is critical.

If someone else caused your injury, you may be able to pursue compensation for your losses. A personal injury attorney can help you to determine who should pay for the losses you incurred from all medical losses but also from any sustained and ongoing injuries you may have due to these accidents. Do not wait to get help from an attorney in this case.

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