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Injured in a car accident? Call an injury attorney in Butte, Montana.

Being involved in an auto accident can be stressful enough. Add on to the fact that it was caused by a negligent or careless driver can make you even more overwhelmed as you attempt to seek compensation from them for your pain and suffering. Schedule a free consultation now to get started.

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Bernard has been practicing law in and around Anaconda since 1977. One of the aspects of his career that he enjoys the most is being able to build close relationships with his clients and helping them seek compensation for their injuries.

Being born and raised in the area, he takes pride in being able to represent those who share his same values. When you’re looking for an attorney who puts your needs first, Bernard is the one to call for compassionate and dedicated legal representation.



Bernard’s son, Ben Jr., has always been surrounded by the idea that you can love what you do while also helping people at the same time. He truly loves being able to guide people to seek successful results when they may not have had the resources to do so otherwise.

He understands that being involved with a personal injury lawsuit can be a very emotional and trying time. From start to finish, you can rely on him to support you through your pursuit of seeking reimbursement for your medical bills and pain & suffering.

Attorney Ben Everett Jr


As the most recent addition to the firm, Adam brings a diverse background, unique perspective, and youthful energy to his work. He pursued a legal profession because he wanted to be able to use his knowledge and creative thinking to advocate for others.

He has a variety of experiences within law, but his practice primarily focuses around workers’ compensation, personal injury, and social security disability. Turn to Adam Cook when you need a sincere, approachable car accident injury lawyer.

Adam Cook

What Does a “Fault” State Mean?

If you’re injured in a car accident in Montana, the only way you can receive compensation from the other driver is if you can prove fault. There’s also a rule that prevents you from seeking damages if you’re found 51% or more at-fault for the accident. From beginning to end, your success is our top priority. To see if you are eligible for compensation, reach out to the personal injury attorneys at Everett Cook Law in Butte, Montana today.

Types of Damages in Montana Auto Accidents

  • Economic Damages

    These include those that are tangible and easier to assign value to. Economic damages can include vehicle repair or replacement costs, costs for a rental car, hospital bills, or loss of wages if you’re required to stay home while you recover.

  • Non-Economic Damages

    On the contrary, non-economic damages are typically subjective and a little more difficult to assign value to. These can include loss of companionship, disfigurement, emotional distress, mental or physical distress, and more.

  • Punitive Damages

    If it can be proven that the other driver caused the accident on purpose and with malice, you may be entitled to receive punitive damages. These are paid by the driver at fault to simply punish them for acting immorally on the road.

Take Control of Your Injury

What to Do After Being Involved in an Accident

Gather Evidence On-Site

When filing a claim, you will have a greater chance of receiving compensation with concrete evidence such as witness statements & pictures of the crash site or visual injuries.

Seek Medical Attention

Even if it may seem like you aren’t hurt, it’s vital to go to the doctor after an accident because should an injury present itself later, you have more legitimacy to add to a future claim.

Contact an Attorney

If you’ve been involved in more than just a fender-bender or are having difficulty receiving fair compensation, working with an attorney will increase your chances of a successful result.

Serving Southwest Montana

We have helped countless clients throughout the area fight for just compensation after they’ve been injured in an auto accident. Our office, located in Butte, Montana, serves the counties of Silver Bow, Powell, Dear Lodge, and beyond, including the communities of Anaconda, Garrison, Ovando, and Wise River. Schedule a free consultation today by filling out our brief form below or calling us.